Hello Friends Read This Article Dont Get Cheated by Fraud People ,

Locanto website , Skokka Website Contain Many Fake ads Cheating People  (if you face the same plz write your experiance )

Types of Cheating Happening in above websites

Dont Pay Advance and Registration Fee and get Cheated

1)Male Escorts , Playboy ,gigolo jobs Dont Exist In India , Dont Get Cheated

2) Friendship Clubs , online dating , Phone Sex , meeting , all are Fake

3) People Show many girls Pics , which are irreverent , they cant send more pics of single girl , asks  from which city you calling  , in which hotel you stay , etc etc then asks to pick a Girl , then asks to pay advance or come to a place then ask to pay advance

4) Dont pay money in advance , pay money after girl reaches your place
5) Regestration Fee for New clients , People take registration fee and disconnect call
6) People say the girl is in hotel room and collect money  in front of hotel and then give wrong room no , if you to room there will be no girl
6) fake pics of beautiful models and if you go there you dont find same profile then they force to pay
7) Fake Promiss Girl takes money and after 1 Short makes fight with you or says she will go down and just come and will never return agent will not respond
8) in tourist places people show a randome girl and after paying money they say come 100 meaters forword and then girl croses the road and escapes with money

9) Cheating By Prostitutes on Roads , they take money in advance then again her agent comes and asks for comission after that for no reason they makes argument with you and movie away in there auto

10) Fake Dating Websites , take registration fee , all profiles there are fraud or fake profiles boys chat on the name of girls


If This Article is Help Full Plz post your experience in comments Box

NOTE : All Male Escorts , Massage Jobs For Boys are Fake they only collect registration fee and escapes
Examples of Cheatings




  1. I think that’s true, but from starting onwards I got this website and am regular, sorry to say that, but most of the time I was dissapointed. Over all your service is good and I recommend other people too. Hoping for the best yet to come

  2. yup bro wht evr u said is truly correct

  3. true…..thanks for your advsie
    You are the people who we trust make this website foolprrof..

  4. Chainsingh Rajput

    I also got fooled once

  5. Chainsingh Rajput

    I like you

  6. Hyderabad is full of frouds in this business.
    But I want to know how to do booking from this site.

  7. How to get to know whether the escort has an ass you like or not
    I’ve hired many an escorts but was never satisfied with the ass I received and no pic of the girl shows her ass.

  8. Nice Article bro! very good initiative.Thanks for taking time in publishing such an article which will definitely create awareness among us.
    I personally had very good experience with you guys.Please continue the same.

  9. I called so many time to this no. mentioned in the website but they never lift the call.

  10. In your web site once u also post
    Call boys available for girls
    Is it correct

  11. hi frnds i have loss 20k by paying cal boy jobs total all are frud desipalyboys.com,sbi name:
    bikram keshari behera
    i have lot of phone number also so plz frnds dnt waste u r money to this fake fellow and pay anything for male escort jobs all are fake

  12. I have tried numerous times but haven’t got any service don’t know why

    I reached the correct location but your people ask for id which is not correct to share

    • Due to security reasons some times we ask for id , for new costomers , showing id is not mandatory ,but girls saftiy is our primery , in that case you take out call or book any hotel for first time
      As there are fraud agents few costomers are also frauds and we want to stay away from them

  13. Do your girls provide without condom blowjob? Within the charges mentioned

  14. I called no.of times but no one is lifting

  15. Y dont u people answer the call or reply on whatsapp

  16. Any telugu girls

  17. Do you have telugi girls?

  18. Do you have Telugu speaking girls

  19. Are these girls safe ?

  20. How the security will provide to new customers/clients

  21. Iam interested

  22. I tried calling this number. Guy who is talking felt like not all interested in offering service. He told to come somewhere that too address which is not clear. I am seriously I interested in Neha for the given budget.

  23. Looking for girl

  24. Plz add new locations like mehdipatnam nr pillar# 50 to 60 I am regular guy

  25. Why do u ask customers employeers id ? And also please respond promptly , may be you are busy but make sure you respond

    • For new costomers some times we ask , as we may get fraud people ,as costomers , our safty is importent , we ask that only for incalls for out call we dont ask for first time you take out call

  26. Guys even this website is fake , they ask you to come to your location and they don’t pick the call once you are there . Just time waste.

    • If we are fake why we waste our time there are thousands of clients we serve , may be your profile is shady so we may have rejected you or you were banned by other escorts agent due to your behavour ,

  27. Absolutely correct. There are many ways to cheat. I saw a post and went to that place. A boy came to pick up and she asked me to pay him outside the apartment. I paid and waited. The boy took money and went to bring condom. However he didn’t come and that apartment do not have any girl. Was cheated by this way. Guys please take care. This is genuine service and you get the service for sure. I went to kondapur

  28. The girls in the website keep changing, if I want to do Booking for the girl who was added previously(let’s say the girl which I have seen last month but she is not available in the website now), will I be able to do booking for her? Or I can do Booking only for those girls who are listed in website currently?

  29. Hi, this is shyam, i am a NRI, and i visit hyderabad frequently, however i am scared that sometimes when you ask to come to some unknown places even i feel the same unsecured way, however i have taken your service couple of times, because out of no where their is some belief in your service, and you are true for that, thank you. so i wanted to give you some feedback, please improve the quality of the girls, even if the price is more if the service and the girl is beautiful, we forget the price which we pay. and we cannot provide the id cards, may be u can see us in personal, and when you have belief only you can send us to the girl, but sending or handovering you a copy of our id card is really scary atleast for me. thank you once again, and do keep in touch with regular customers, rather than introducing themselves everytime. and do u provide a weekend service? i mean taking the girl for weekend to a holiday destination? you can reach me on thank you again

    • Thanks, most off our profiles are not professional escorts, they are educated college girls or house wives or divorce people, we improve the quality off girls,
      Note : you prefer out call , book any Oyorooms near by and call our girls

      • Completely agree , but asking customers id puts give them wrong impression as the I’d can be misused. So better meet as a person and then if u believe the customer is genuine then u can send the girl . And by the way you have done good job of opening this thread where customers can clarify there doudts.

        • See after we see id you can delete if we only ask for new costomers if we get doubt , not for all , if you dont want to show take out call , book a hotel and take out call for first time

      • My question is will they be available for Complete weekends to travel to some destination

  30. Hi Admin,

    O called and you asked for 12k for 1 hour, can i just come for the price mentioned in website?

  31. Was trying to reach you guys from yesterday to book Payal but you guys have not responded can I book her now
    Help me to book her

  32. I asked many times out call but didn’t respond

  33. Am sunil .if any girls want sex pls call me.i want money of pay girls. My phone 996*******/.and WhatsApp

    • Brother don’t waste your time no girl pay money for sex, if it is true why boys needs to spend so much money on them come out off dreams

  34. I have been waiting for south girs bro..

  35. In this only 3-4 girls available?

  36. Your service is very good. But, the girls are not co operative some times. Further, please try to mention height of girls. In photos, they look good and actually very short and face some problem. Further, you never keep Telugu / Tamil / Malayalee girls. All r northern girls. Try to solve this problem and try to mention their place also in the profile.

  37. 1.Are the girls in photos true?
    2.can i visit your place to see girl and choose?

  38. Do you have any services near Miyapur and chandha Nagar.

  39. Payment we need pay advance or after Service, can you clarify?

  40. Always disappointed by adim by saying not available

  41. Do you have telegram channel??

  42. Thanks for making people aware of such fraud.
    Iam your regular customer, usually at tourist plaza. I was trying to reach for the girl advertised for 10am to 8pm only since 10 am n i got a reply at 12 that she is available n then no response after i book oyo. I think the girl refused to work today n then the profile is removed from website.

    I understand that the calls u recieve are many but atleast keep the ppl u hav already promised marked. I hope i will get the same profile tomorrow.

    • plz provide your oyo booking details we pay back the hotel rent , it may be happens , when girls already booked by some one , or due to health issue she did not worked

  43. Thanks for educating about the fraud.
    Please improve your channel of communication. yesterday i was promised to deliver a profile and i booked oyo after which i got to knw by you that the profile refused to work yesterday. However i was promised to have same profile today at the earliest and still i have no response form you ppl after several msgs. Please do respond. I understand the nmbr of msgs and calls but atleast mark the one u have promised already.

  44. Show more girls

  45. are u guys deleting all the messages n call record info to be on safer side n not misusing right??

  46. Would like to book Payal

  47. Why can’t you start this facility at Mahabubnagar. There this kind of services are badly needed.

    • There are no potential costomers there

    • I met 1 lady 2weeks before, she is somewhat aged 35 or more looking like aunty but cute face. I’m 26 & virgin too, I liked her pic so met her in my place. It was really good. She is cooperative & cared me nicely..
      I picked her for full service 10k but in morning she returned me 2k by saying ur new kiddo tats y discounting…
      Definitely I will meet her another time…
      I met her via mediator & he didn’t charged any commission
      Sharing my experience

  48. I want to join in call boys job is there available

  49. Hello ans me fast shot time Kitana dete hai

  50. Never bring any prostitute from road side to your place.once she will come them she will start doing drama that you pay me some heavy amount otherwise I will start shouting and tell all neighbours that you have brought a call girl.

  51. R u have a boys escorts

  52. Please don’t go to Sr nagar canara bank building.
    One guy with number
    09581536032 fake guy who asks money before and no service at all . Number 1 fraud , waste fellow .
    His paytm number is 9642848056(K. Subba Rayudu)

  53. I got cheated in Hyderabad one person took advance then a girl Answered the call n took more advance for address then again I had no choice finally they shared wrong address

  54. Please Keep some genuine or real images where girls are looking differently in images and real visiting.

  55. Hi, have you not got more girls?

  56. If we book Oyo room cost includes in it or we need to book separately?

  57. Can i get service at Dilsukhnagar, or malak pet
    Ramanthapur, or amberpet,
    Any of these areas

  58. Please explain and clarify
    Why out call is better than incall

    • Taking girl to your known place is better than going to.there place , acording to indian laws , it is legal to have sex with any one paying money or with outpayment , in a place which belong to you or the girl but going to a brothal house is illegal , a house where 1 or 2 girls kept and costomers go and come is called brothel , so if you book a hotel then that room is registered as your for that day so its safe , if you take to your house then the house is yours safe , and all agents are good like us , they may create drama if you go to there place ,

  59. Hi I was cheated twices one day in evening I was called some person in Locanto add seating that I got you number fiend in Locanto I want service from you I was taking them what’s price of one time he told me that 2500/- ok send me pics he send pics then where is the location of yours he told me that come and call me near ABIDS grammar then I went or my friend came with I was called the person he was given another number he spoke to me wait I am coming after 30mins he came he taken back side of jagedesh mobile market some Oyo hotel in lift he was taken 2500/- rs go room number some 312 we nock the door no one is there the guy was taken money he ran away switched off the phone .

  60. Why from past 1 week no change in profiles??

  61. One girl came for full night and she went away after 2 hrs she is different from photo to onsite

  62. Is there any services in Solapur city Maharashtra?

  63. Is there any services in Pune Maharashtra?

  64. Shiva
    Please share any trustable details if you have any???

    You have to respond to clarify all others doubts

  65. Any genuine service available in Pune ..let us know if u have any trusted contact in Pune with proper rates ..thank you

  66. hi this is Ajay from Hyderabad
    you also posted fake pic in your website and you are talking about other agencies, first u be genuine ok.
    you are maintain website so definitely u require more amount than others so definitely u will do wrong things than others

  67. Do you have any of your service providers in pune please let us know

  68. Send no in comments and choose hum u want

  69. Totally waste of time and money
    Girls are very much arrogat.

    They do not not fuck you

  70. Waste of money this service

  71. Only asked for money by agent….

  72. Girls are not good as per photo..they only suck your dick

  73. Can you provide online services video call voice call etc

  74. Hi all
    This genuine service

  75. Any one reply this is genunie service or fack

  76. Sand me photos

  77. I’m. Play. Boy. Not. Money. Only. Enjoy. Family. Aunty. Or. Girls.. Collme…9185xxxxxx..aney. time

  78. I visited rupa 3 times.. She is best in every service.. I miss her

  79. I had experience with every Indian girl in this site

  80. What’s one short and 2 short.

  81. I tried to reach many time but your phone signal is very bad. It always says out of reach.

  82. I face same as you said profile.
    I contact skokka he ask to comes banjara hills star hotel.i went theare and ask in mobile where is girl.
    He said me room no.203 she is alone in room so plz pay by phone pay or Google pay ra.2k advance after then I said medam she will pick in her room.i do same bt that girl is not came.i call once to that guy.
    wait she is ready to come.
    Send balance 6k she will pickup you.
    I think he is not correct person he is froud.
    So beware of froud peaple in hyderabad

  83. Hello
    Yes it is true there are fraudulent activities, two time I got trapped once by online registration on gobibo male escort. And one time the agent shown me different images and girl was different and they had collected amount outside of the hotel and girl went inside with me in hotel and when I tried to lock the door she told I am coming in one minute andi also went along with her outside one car came with 3 male and she sit with them and ran away. So please be careful.
    But this site is safe but these people takes too much waiting time. Which is very much harshing.

  84. Please suggest a girl who gives good service. Most of the girls are mechanical and not responding in bed

  85. Ravindar reddy

    Why I should believe your service.can you reply the answer

    • Reason 1) I using same number from years cheaters change numbers
      2) if you ask me to give service in any other city I will say I can’t
      3) I dont ask to deposit before seeing girl
      4) I charge reasonable

  86. This is real genuine service,but really really girls are not at all cooperating,profil 3 main that manju, guys just think that profil once,she not cooperating any thing,she just shouting shouting,so plz

  87. Is there genuine service available in Bangalore?

  88. Any young cooperative girls available?

  89. A perSon with this number stating this web address has looted me though a small amount I
    But still this cannot be trusted +91 93196 33349 number of the cheat kindly beware

  90. Hi, I have taken your service many times and most of the time it is very good and value for money. Thanks.
    Why don’t you keep girls in pocharam area. There is very high demand here

  91. Hi I have used ur service many times and you guys are the honest in Hyderabad. Why Dnt you keep some profiles in pocharam area, there is a big demand here.

  92. Don’t hav Room what to do

  93. I met 1 lady 2weeks before, she is somewhat aged 35 or more looking like aunty but cute face. I’m 26 & virgin too, I liked her pic so met her in my place. It was really good. She is cooperative & cared me nicely..
    I picked her for full service 10k but in morning she returned me 2k by saying ur new kiddo tats y discounting…
    Definitely I will meet her another time…
    I met her via mediator & he didn’t charged any commission
    Sharing my experience

  94. A-1rated Service this is a real and genuineness Service I got from response is very good but it’s enough value for ours money

  95. Hi bro, ur web site have so many adds coming when I open

  96. how poja cooperates?

  97. Saikumar Panduga

    I want to do the play boy job so is there any chance for me

  98. Some one has cheated me and am paid the full online amount 2980
    Why this rubbish peoples doing like the types of fraudness

  99. Is your location safe for incall?
    please reply!

  100. Good service but they should keep telugu speaking girls.

  101. Can I take her to oyo

  102. You said that the gigolo service is foolish and don’t exist in india. Ok i agree with u but why can’t you people start male escort service genuinely. May be girls won’t be in contact but there will be many unsatisfied aunties, or housewives who are looking or thriving title sex? Once think

    • Brother it’s easy for a girl or women to get a guy to fuck , ok even if she dint get , when many are ready to pay why they pay in return
      It’s all about demand and supply
      If you are a celebrity they may pay you

  103. Hi admin,
    Please tell me when Punam or Moksha will be available near Kukatpally, Miyapur or kondapur for incalls..

  104. Any one tried Sophia ?

  105. Any chubby Aunties post here immediately or housewives

  106. Only u have 6 profiles in this website??

  107. Are your girls safe from hiv?

  108. You don’t have girls in KPHB or Kukatpally area please inform if available

  109. Do you have services in Goa? Any contact number?

  110. Hi guys
    Last time experience was not that great
    Looking for service which includes bareback blowjob

  111. Im In kompally suchitra I need Genuine service

  112. Provide local students or girls, who will do for part time.

  113. Hai admin I am very interested to get service from you. But I am virgin guy having no experience in sex. Do you prefer good girl or aunty to teach and do sex. It’s my request

  114. Please start your service in Kakinada

  115. hi.. would like to meet a girl for incall, but heard about this from a friend and he said girls wont cooperate. What are the services that girls offer for sure and what are the not available.

  116. posted a comment , couldnt find it, thinking to book stela, what are the services she offer .

  117. Do you have service in Shamshabad near airport

  118. Can anybody share there experience with nitya(telugu girl)for day time… paying 6k is ok for us

  119. If the girl hired by you does not co-oprat properly that what option do we have…please answer..

  120. Hi admin,
    I want to know about the room facility near LB Nagar area

  121. Good service by Divya

  122. I say 5 or 6 shots in nights. Is it ok

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